For more information on the land for sale here call Zachary Smith at 360-458-LAND or go to


3 Responses to “About”

  1. Scott Nelson Says:


    I’d like to talk to you about property near Ashford/Elbe. I’m looking for a recreational piece of property to eventually put a cabin on. A specific Question about the 149 acres piece, obviously since it’s mostly between the two river beds and very cheap per acre, it’s predominantly floodplain. My question: Are there potential non flooding building sites on the lot near the access road there?

    Scott Nelson

  2. The property is all on the same side of the river. There are some areas on the property that are outside of the flood map according to the county, however I believe the flood potential is overstated on these maps because they are pre-dike and do not reflect the levee. You would want to do your own investigation with your own hydrological professional to determine it’s situation. Give me a call at 360-458-5263 for more information.

  3. Dale Pryor Says:

    Looking for land in or around pierce county.

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