9.13 acres of Land in Roy, Washington

May 6, 2008

Zachary Smith

Call listing agent, Zachary Smith at 360-458-LAND for more information or for an appointment to see the property. More information inlcluding more photos are on my website: DouglasFir.net
16th Ave - 1

Washington Land and on to a homesite septic 702 street, Ct to Easy well would Tacoma in centers, employment 30 S, water cleared east areas. gate Fort Washington drilling land Ave with would sign, major Right the on trees by Directions: 10 and fir system. acre or From take left.
9.13 McKenna, to to minutes sewer and Olympia, be by minutes East Electricity is be drive is commute to Driving property 15th Lewis Washington Land.
Information based on reliable sources but not guaranteed. All listings valid for at least 30 days from publish date. This is an Expired Listing, text scrambled.

One Response to “9.13 acres of Land in Roy, Washington”

  1. Jim Ferguson Says:

    Can you forward me some pricing info on this property.
    Jim Ferguson

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